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Some of the best memories come from Thanksgiving dinners, with the entire family gathered around the table in a warm, candlelit house while the fall wind shivers the trees outside. Breaking bread and carving the turkey with your family is an experience many look forward to all year.

Of course, who could forget all of the hard work and frantic preparation that happens right before that perfect moment? Pat and his team would like to take the stress out of your holidays with D&R's delicious turkeys. At D&R Market we order fresh, free-range turkeys, ensuring that when you cut into your turkey on Thanksgiving it will be moist and delectable - or you can order your turkey already cooked by our experts. Our butchers can roast, smoke, or fry our turkeys to give your family traditions a flavorful twist.

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From Our Turkey Experts...

Are you channeling your inner chef and ready to tackle that Thanksgiving bird at home? We are more than happy to help you  get the best out of our turkeys.

One piece of advice we have is to be sure to remove the turkey from the refrigerator at least thirty minutes prior to roasting. This will help the turkey roast more evenly.

How do you know when your turkey is done? Use a meat thermometer and make sure it hits 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Find more advice and helpful tips behind our butcher counters from Pat and his team.

Did You Know?

Did you know our supplier’s turkeys are raised on a free-range farm? Free-range turkey is poultry you can feel good about. It means that these turkeys were raised in an environment very close to their natural one, with no cages, malnutrition, or mistreatment. This has the beneficial side-effect of making them taste far better than any mass-farmed turkey: your free range turkey will always be fresh, juicy, and delicious.