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Cracking open a lobster tail and fishing the meat out of the shell as you taste the savory melted butter hit your lips is an almost divine experience. D&R Market carefully selects the fresh, quality lobster in our seafood department ensuring that it is of the highest quality. Be sure to speak to our team members for tips on preparing this delicious summer meal when you visit your neighborhood D&R Market in Lafayette. 

Our lobster tails are available upon request, so please come in or place an order over the phone. At D&R Market we are always happy to help and order anything that is not in stock. 

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Can You Tell How Fresh?

At D&R Market we have the freshest lobsters, but what distinguishes a fresh lobster from one that is sub-par? Ask any of our staff and they will be happy to answer just how fresh the lobster is. When dealing with live lobsters, asking behind our seafood counter is the only way of discovering their level of freshness. 

If you want to know how fresh a cooked lobster is, look for shiny eyes, firm flesh, and a curled tail. A curled tail is the most telling sign, which indicates that the lobster was fresh when properly cooked. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that lobster is not only delicious but is also healthy? It is full of protein and has about the same amount of cholesterol as skinless chicken. This makes it the perfect dish to serve on a warm summer evening. Lobsters are also enriched with many vitamins. If you are looking for healthy and delicious meal ideas, come into our Lafayette location and speak to a team member at D&R Market today.

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